A lecture Glagoljica pod Učkun (Glagoljska baština brsečko-mošćeničkoga kraja) by Sandra Požar (Sudec), PhD

A lecture Glagoljica pod Učkun (Glagoljska baština brsečko-mošćeničkoga kraja) by Sandra Požar (Sudec), PhD

On Thursday, 7th May 2015 during the event Matičin četvrtak (the Central Croatian Cultural and Publishing Society’s) at the Turopolje Museum in Velika Gorica, a member of the Croatian Centre of Excellence for Croatian Glagolitism Sandra Požar (Sudec), PhD gave a lecture entitled Glagoljica pod Učkun (Glagoljska baština brsečko-mošćeničkoga kraja).

The lecture included an outline of results of the author’s multiannual work on the Glagolitic remnants in former Glagolitic parishes of Brseč and Mošćenice, in the area of medieval walled towns (kašteli) of Brseč and Mošćenice and their surroundings, today belonging to the Municipality of Mošćenička Draga in the northeastern, Liburnian part of Istria.

From the oldest preserved Glagolitic monument, Kožljački razvod, from the end of the 14th century to the records of the Glagolitic chants from the 20th century, the outline includes liturgical and secular use of the Glagolitic script, written on the materials in the range from stone and plaster to parchment and paper.

The preserved sources are versatile, and include formal stone inscriptions and casual scribbles – graffiti, monuments of public law and private notarial deeds, and literary texts. Although the preserved monuments are much smaller in number in comparison with the monuments found in well-known Glagolitic centres, they are valuable as they show a centuries-old continuous presence of the Glagolitic script in this region despite its formal abolition. The newly discovered monuments, such as for instance the most recently discovered inscription found in Brseč in 2013, boost new hope for research as well.

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