Iže obiluetь mudrostiû

The latest issue of the scientific and popular journal for the culture of the Croatian language Hrvatski jezik (Volume 3, Issue 1) published by the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics includes an interview with our scholars, authors of the grammar book Hrvatski crkvenoslavenski jezik (The Croatian Church Slavonic Language) (Zagreb 2014: Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada, Old Church Slavonic Institute).

In the absence of the remaining two authors of this publication, Johannes Reinhart (in Austria) and Sofia Gadžijeva (in Daghestan), Milan Mihaljević, Jasna Vince, Marinka Šimić, Sandra Požar and Ana Kovačević interviewed Dijana Ćurković under the section Čitaonica (The Reading Room).

You can read about who and what is behind the book Hrvatski crkvenoslavenski jezik (The Croatian Church Slavonic Language), to whom it is dedicated and for whom it is written, and about the long way it took from its conception to its final materialisation here.

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