Ljiljana Mokrović, M. A., professional adviser

Ljiljana Mokrović, M. A., professional adviser

Old Church Slavonic Institute
Demetrova 11, Zagreb
+385 (0)1 2220026

Areas of research interest

The research into Croatian Glagolitic miniatures can be carried out in two ways. The first one includes identification of illustrations within the originally designed computer software “Miniatures” in which Croatian Glagolitic illumination is registered and described according to the type of illustration and its position in a specific written monument, primarily of liturgical nature (missals, breviaries). Such entries are codicological in nature, supplemented with art historical interpretations in accordance with different parametres. This is a textual and pictorial database for search and digitalisation of miniatures and other illuminations in Croatian Glagolitic manuscripts. Descriptions include Latin transliterations/transcriptions of the Glagolitic text as an aid to their understanding, providing an insight into liturgical, literary and historical context of the illumination origin and a thorough insight into the relation between the image and the text. In this way, a foundation is created for the second way of doing research into Croatian Glagolitic illumination, which is focused on analysis and interpretation according to classical art historian methodology, which is, owing to the need to use a non-linear approach to the studies into iconography in particular, necessarily extended towards other disciplines in the area of humanities. It is especially highlighted on account of the necessity of interdisciplinary approach and interconnections between different research areas (linguistics; art and palaeography; literature and textology; liturgy) and their methodologies used by the Old Church Slavonic Institute during the last two project periods of the Institute, and which turned out to be a good foundation for continuation of future studies within the Scientific Centre of Excellence for Croatian Glagolitism.

Professional background

  • From 24 January 1994 to 31 December 2003: expert associate – librarian
  • Academic year 1997/1998 – academic year 2000/2001: part-time lecturer, Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus, elective courses / seminars concerning the topic of Croatian sacral art
  • From 1 January 2004 to 31 December 2007: expert associate in research, Old Church Slavonic Institute
  • From 1 January 2008 to 31 May 2008: senior expert associate in research, Old Church Slavonic Institute
  • From 1 June 2008 to 28 November 2014: expert adviser in research, Old Church Slavonic Institute

Academic background

  • “Vojnović i Krleža – sličnosti i razlike dvaju dramskih triptiha” (Master’s thesis), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, 2007

Research projects

  • Glagolitic palaeography, 2006 – 2013, Old Church Slavonic Institute (project leader: Marica Čunčić, PhD)



  • Europski vidici u istraživanjima Marije Pantelić // Scientific Conference Croatian Glagolitism in the European Context: the 110th Anniversary of the Old Church Slavonic Academy – the 60th Anniversary of the Old Church Slavonic Institute (2012)

Popularisation of science

  • Active in popularisation of the Glagolitic script in the framework of Days of Upper Town Backyards (18 July 2014 – 27 July 2014)


  • Croatian Philological Society
  • Pinta – Association for Preservation, Promotion and Use of the Croatian Cultural Heritage

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